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Simply put, I am a designer, trained as an artist. As an artist and designer, my work stems from my roots. Through a variety of design venues, including photography, graphic design and illustration, I express a personal narrative to all who experience my work. These narratives focus on family, culture and community. In short, I create work for people, about people.
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I've always got a sketchbook somewhere within arm's reach. It is a very important skill, whether for mindless doodling or to depict a concept to a client.


As with illustration, painting is a favorite pass-time, and a skill that comes in handy quite often during my design process.

Graphic Design

I've made a point to extensively study design techniques for web, mobile and print. I've also refined my skills with a diverse set of design tools.


I specialize in event photography, macros, engagements, weddings, portraits, objects for presentation, and pets.


Animation projects range from public service announcements to personal promotional videos. I usually work in Adobe After Effects and Flash.

Web Design

From the wireframing process to front-end coding in HTML/CSS/JS, I've got you covered. I've also participated in user experience testing sessions.

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Freebies for Fellow Designers

I've created these files to streamline my own design process. Feel free to download and use them!

Meet The Team

My team is extremely experienced and competent. We excel at making our clients feel at ease, welcome, and entertained as we solve their design problems and develop their brand.

Team Member
Rebecca Roddenberry
Artist & Designer

The Artist & Designer.

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Team Member
Creative Director

Extremely professional, Tucker brings many inter-personal communication skills to our group. He officially holds the position of Creative Director, as he contributes so much inspiration with his positive, can-do attitude.

Team Member
Client Specialist

Commonly known as "Cat-Cat," Edgar provides an at-ease working environment. He excels at making everyone feel valued and equally welcome to scratch his ears endlessly.

Team Member
The Intern

This exceptionally brilliant intern joined our team recently and has contributed a wealth of color and inspiration. As our newest addition, we believe he has a lot of potential.

  • Marketing & Content Strategy

    I offer a wide range of services, below are the ones I am currently featuring. If you are interested in a service not listed, please send me an email or contact me by phone with your request and I'll see what I can do. If I cannot help you, I can offer a reference to someone who can.

  • Illustration & Painting

    Perhaps you see the perfect gift on my site. If not, send me a photo and I can create a custom image or illustration for you.

  • Photography

    I specialize in event photography, macros, engagements, weddings, portraits, objects for presentation, and pets.

  • Front End Design

    From designing and generating wireframes of your concept to creating prototype mock-ups and working code ready to be deployed to your server, I can help you make your ideas a reality.

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  • Build, Test, Fail, Repeat

    College Professor
  • "Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated."

    Paul Rand
  • I am a collector, a storyteller, and a graphic designer. I work with a wide range of tools. I firmly believe "Old is the New New".

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